ERISA Fiduciary Training Program

This program contains four modules. Modules 1-3 are mandatory if you are seeking a certificate of completion. Module 4 is optional, but highly recommended especially for members of retirement plan committees.


Note: In order to properly view the training, you need Flash installed on your computer.

  • After registering for training, and paying using a credit card, you will have access to the four modules.
  • Work through the modules in order. Subsequent modules build on information provided in earlier modules.
  • At the end of each module you will have the option to take the associated test. You must pass the tests for Modules 1-3 in order to receive a certificate of completion.
  • To pass, you must get at least 11 out of 15 correct for each test.
  • Module 4, although optional, includes a test for you to check your level of knowledge.

Existing users already registered for the training: Access Your Training Session
New users: Register for Fiduciary Training

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