Our Philosophy & Advantages

We partner with world-class asset managers to construct portfolios which address the critical and desirable needs of our clients. Our clients deserve a fiduciary standard of care, and we provide them with that by adhering to the AIF Code of Ethics.

Your Best Interest

The Fiduciary Relationship

Fiduciaries are held to the “fiduciary standard” by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This means the fiduciary — in this case, our RIA — is, by law, required to act in your best interest. Put simply, your financial goals are our priority. Believe it or not, not all advisors operate by this standard.


Objective fiduciaries are compensated by one source only, their clients. Therefore as fiduciaries, our firm will always sit on the same side of the table as our clients. In short, we are not compensated from, nor incentivized to sell any investment companies strategy or product. Our only incentive is your success.

Our Strategy

We are not emotional in our process, we focus on logic. We expend our best of thinking and research when considering the vast range of financial risk management.

We continually monitor both our asset managers and the ever-changing investment world, keeping an eye out for pertinent changes that may affect longevity and performance. This due diligence is critical to our success.

Our firm leverages fifty plus years of intellectual capital in additional industry research to asses and carefully consider our recommendations.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we study strategies and processes that win. Our Logic gives life to all that we say or do.

What To Expect

The primary purpose of the initial meeting is to determine fit. We want to be right for your needs, and make a sound investment decision for our practice. Following our fit meeting, together we will have the opportunity to determine what our next steps should be. This means that unless its mutually decided, we won’t attempt to have you sign anything or make any commitments. Our experience is that this is the best approach in establishing mutually beneficial relationships.